My second novel is now available for pre-order! Follow the story of a Singaporean inventor, his three housemates and the pontianak that turns their lives upside-down.



Dear reader,

For whatever reason you’re here – whether you’re interested in my books, ended up here by some strange twist of search engine, or you’re that one person from Botswana who keeps dropping by (if it’s you, dumela-rra/dumela-mma!) – I welcome you my brothers and sisters.

For those of you who do not know me, I’m Suffian Hakim – Yakult and chocolate addict, satay aficionado, football-mad and Singaporean author and writer. This is my official website, where I share my essays, reviews, short fiction as well as some of my less terrible poetry. You can also find updates on events and news on my books.

Speaking of which, my second novel, The Minorities, will be hitting bookstores in October. This tale of four misfits – a Singaporean inventor trying to get his deceased father to haunt him, two illegal immigrants, and a woman on the run from an abusive gangster husband – and the supernatural entity that upends their secluded lives will be published by Singapore-London publisher Epigram Books and was edited by the very brilliant, very lovely Eldes Tran. The novel has been rated four out of five stars by the Straits Times and will feature in the upcoming Singapore Writers Festival.

If you’d like to attend the launch, drop me an email at and I’ll guide you through the next steps. The launch is completely free and open to all, in line with the book’s themes of acceptance, tolerance and friendship, and my own principles of unity and equality.

I hope to see you at the launch (even you, person from Botswana)! It will be my first step towards adding some love into this world.

Your friend,
Suffian Hakim

Upcoming Events:

Suffian Hakim at the Singapore Writers Festival 2018

Voices from the Edge (Panel Discussion)
with Melissa De Silva, O Thiam Chin and Suffian Hakim
4 Nov, Sun 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
National Gallery Singapore, Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium 

If everyone has a story, and these stories are equally significant, then whose stories are the ones that get told? Each of the speakers in this panel offers alternative viewpoints – for readers to look through the eyes of the disproportionately under-represented, and discover how we can achieve empathy across boundaries of colour and creed.

The Appeal of Self-Publishing
with Christina Sng, Andre Yeo and Suffian Hakim
5 Nov, Mon 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
The Arts House (TAH), Blue Room

To self-publish or to hunt for a publisher? There are risks and gains when an author chooses to publish himself or herself. On the one side, you possess total control and enjoy convenience. On the other,there remains a shadow of a stigma. The writers on this panel share honest thoughts on their decisions.

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