One Nation Under Gun

It has been a very violent past few years for America, despite steps in the right direction, and a few in the wrong direction (not killing One Direction, for example).

Let’s focus on the positives: getting out of Iraq, in the hallowed name of Bush’s almighty harbinger of destruction to budget surpluses, was a brilliant move, despite being a few years late.

A renege on sending troops into Syria at the back of a UK pull-out, while appearing indecisive, suggests a willingness to be a better team player in the international scene.

Now, all they need to do is to realize that gun control isn’t as retarded as they’re paranoia-ing it to be. Peace, as charity, it seems, also begins at home.

2 thoughts on “One Nation Under Gun

  1. John Oliver did a great job but it is great to see Jon back! Thx for sharing!


    1. Definitely! Totally lost it when he pretended to be Miley Cyrus. Really hilarious. Thanks for the comment, brother!


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