Indie Singaporean Film: Case File 528 (Treatment Video)

Case File 528 is a treatment video for a psychological/science-fiction thriller by Pun Intended Media Productions, exploring one man’s supposed ability to travel a day into the past, changing time – and himself – in the process. Instead of touching on humanity’s fixation to correct the mistakes of the past, Case File 528 dives into it – what would you do if you could visit yourself yesterday? Could you heal your soul, or would you fall deeper into the abysses of the human mind? All that said, maybe – just maybe – this is an elaborate recount of schizophrenia.

Moody, dark and discomforting, Case File 528’s mythos is steeped in mythology and psychophysical reverie.

If you like what you see, share the video. Tomorrow may be closer than you think.

P.S. 528′ is a reference to the new age philosophies of healing frequencies – 528 Hz is the supposed optimum for healing and cellular repair.


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