Chic As

It had to happen.

Clarke Quay had to coruscate. First, there was the post-3am alcohol ban. Then Magnum’s pleasure store took away the pleasure of seeing drunk people run across the fountain. The Clarke Quay Drunk-as-Fuck Rain Dance, I called it. Now, it’s lost to a so-so ice-cream (give me a Paddle Pop any day) with an exaggerated sense of self-importance that it dedicated an entire pleasure store to itself, and blocked up an entire fountain to do so. But I digress.

Clarke Quay, as a locale, always had an irrepressible charm, capable of reinvention without becoming unfamiliar, capable of originality without regression.

Tomorrow, Clarke Quay adds a new facet to its brilliant collection of nightspots in FASHIONTV CLUB.

It’s an augmentation of Frenchman Michel Adam’s international fashion/lifestyle channel, extending the television channel’s glamour onto the dancefloor. Fashion luxuriates here, amidst almost 10,000 crystals, velvet couches and deeply seductive oil paintings. Indeed, it is designed to house partynistas decked out in designer streetwear, label dropping when the beat doesn’t. FashionTV’s charm is in its comprehensive, far-reaching nature, while the club’s gameplan is pretty simple – premium, not elitist, boozed up and never partied out.

By theory and concept, the club would coruscate, standing proudly in the limelight as Clarke Quay’s new kid on the block. Whether it trips or traipses, or proudly struts, let’s find out tomorrow.


F Club Media Launch Poster

See what it’s all about in the FASHIONTV CLUB pre-launch gallery:


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