Featured Femme: Sabrina Zolkifi

From L-R: Sabrina Zolkifi, Yours Truly, Door

This week, we witness the end of an era as local writer Sabrina Zolkifi leaves Human Resources, the leading publication on the HR management community for the region. She combines the wit and popular culture savvy of the 9gag generation with an acute understanding of the ins and outs of the regional human resources game – a mixture I hardly get to see in the professional writing circuit. So it is my distinct pleasure to share with you some of Sabrina’s best works as a writer for Human Resources, and to name her this week’s Featured Femme.

Sabrina’s Must-Read Articles on Human Resources:

Malaysian Staff are ‘suffering’ at work

Singaporeans are still feeling unhappy

The 10 Most Overrated and Underrated Jobs

White Males Dominate Apple’s Workforce

Science Centre CEO Explains His ‘Sexist’ E-mail

Would You Give Up A Promotion For Work-Life Balance?

For more of Sabrina’s work at Human Resources, visit http://www.humanresourcesonline.net/author/sabrinaz/


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