Suffian Hakim is your average heartlander. He was born, bred and educated in Singapore, and is thankful for not having studied in another country and picking up a misplaced ang moh accent in the process.

Born on 24th July 1986 to a ship engineer father and a spa therapist mother, Suffian spent his childhood not doing his homework and playing unlawful football in HDB void decks.

Suffian woke up one day and realised he had inadvertently become an adult. In the ensuing panic, he began a career in writing, contributing articles and scripts to local magazines, advertisements and television shows.

He dreams of writing screenplays for performers as brilliant as Ramin Karimloo or Benedict Cumberbatch. He also wants to write a different type of screenplay for Sasha Grey, but don’t tell his parents.

Had Suffian not chosen writing as a career path, he would have been a satay connoisseur, or a botanist.

When Suffian is not feeling antisocial, he can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/suffian.hakim, tweeting at twitter.com/suffianhakim, or misusing a camera at instagram.com/suffianhakim.

1 thought on “About

  1. Hello Suffian! Great meeting you today at the Oral-B event! :D


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