The Queen in Chess: A Feminist Historical Lesson

When I think about how far we've come, and how far more we have to go, in pursuing gender equality, I think about chess. Not because I see the fight for gender equality as a ponderous game of logic and strategy in which you plan your moves two, or more, steps ahead (although there is a strong argument for it being one), but because chess reflects our sensibilities more than we give it credit for.


Featured Femme: Sabrina Zolkifi

This week, we witness the end of an era as local writer Sabrina Zolkifi leaves Human Resources, the leading publication on the HR management community for the region. She combines the wit and popular culture savvy of the 9gag generation with an acute understanding of the ins and outs of the regional human resources game … Continue reading Featured Femme: Sabrina Zolkifi

Featured Femme: Roxanne McKee

Not THAT Kind of Angel You might know her as Doreah in Game of Thrones (I don't, because I've never seen Game of Thrones) or as the spunky and very fine Louise Summers in Hollyoaks, but these days, Roxanne McKee is a post-apocalyptic teacher in Syfy's new humans-versus-angels series Dominion, based on 2010's supernatural action … Continue reading Featured Femme: Roxanne McKee