The Minorities Reveal: Meet The Minorities

For the past three months, I've been having quite a bit of fun with my hands, in exotic locations. The fruit of this labour is perhaps one of my most intimate works - The Minorities. The Minorities follow the plight of four friends living together (rather illegally) in a flat in Yishun. Meet The Narrator, … Continue reading The Minorities Reveal: Meet The Minorities


Three Shades of Brown

"Encik Brown will see you now," said the secretary to the visitor. The visitor was a young lady wearing a blue cardigan over a white blouse. Her brown hair fell to her shoulders, unencumbered by the lack of a tudung. She was led to a huge office with black-and-white furnishings and glass windows that stretched … Continue reading Three Shades of Brown

The Bedlam Express: Sins of The Father

The screen of his phone glowed alive, and in the boundless dark, there was a splinter of light. Groggily, he turned the vibrating, glowing slice of metal in his hands, so the glare of the phone radiated onto his face, bathing his weary visage in its jaundiced glow. There was a tab on the screen, … Continue reading The Bedlam Express: Sins of The Father

Anarchy (A Romantic Poetry Collection)

Those Are Your Options There are private oceans and collective depths, A bright early mourning and a wasted breath, The righteous left, powder, my whisky-stained nose, That juicebox symphony of a street-end crow. I kicked a ball to while away, My refusal to make things rhyme today. There are the nuanced vagaries of a knife … Continue reading Anarchy (A Romantic Poetry Collection)