• August Man Magazine

  • Esquire Singapore


    “This generation succeeded in creating a highly complex socioeconomic juggernaut, fuelled by technology and facilitated by the cityscape. We are constantly connected via superfast mobile connections, in which our decisions—from the personal to retail-based ones, can be made and executed in a matter of seconds (even less if you’re in a place with fantastic WiFi). This culture of always being connected, at fast speeds of information transference, has allowed our economies to burgeon, just as our social media feeds do.

    Millennials get so much stick because they need to take selfies. I think it is unfortunate that the media most available and accessible to them is social media, a platform that proliferates narcissism by giving them a place to answer questions that have never been asked such as, “Hey, how do you look like with a retarded pout on your face?” or “What does your lower torso look like while you’re suntanning on a beach?”

    Social media has given them a voice, but sometimes that voice sounds like Rebecca Black singing ‘Friday’ (the breakneck speed in which they consume media also means that the reference I just made is dated).”

    – The Big Question: Millenials

  • TimeOut Singapore


  • Klub Kita

  • The People’s Association: Let’s Joget Joget

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